star wars stormtrooper on a tv screen

how star wars wallpaper changed my life

Let me paint a picture. It was 1978 in San Jose, California. I was six years old. 

At the time, California was infested with fruit flies. Terrible bugs, infesting and eating. 

At night, helicopters would hover low over the neighborhood. Spraying for bugs. 

Aliens were invading.

Lights from the helicopters blazed as dust and poison went everywhere. 

It seemed like the world was scary and full of monsters. Helicopters sprayed for bugs. 

Then I went to A Galaxy Far Far Away... 

My brother and I begged my parents to get us this INCREDIBLE Star Wars Wallpaper. Not wallpaper for your computer, but wallpaper for your walls. 

It was a depiction of the death of Obi Wan. The loading dock on the Death Star was the backdrop, with Han and Luke firing blasters. Everyone running or fighting. 

It was glorious chaos captured in a painting. My brother had the top bunk and the bed was pushed up next to the wall, so I could star at another world, while feigning sleep. 

This site is a nod to those moments. A small thank you. A homage to the journeys we have taken, in this galaxy and beyond, together. 

I spent many 'naps' gazing into this world. 

vintage star wars wall paper